Meet Us

Crystal Cloud is a trademark of apparel of natural composition established in 2018.

Our goal is to combine naturalness and beauty.

Our client is any person who wants to look bohemian and feel free.

Fabric – His Majesty the Linen (flax). However, you will also find cotton and wool with us.

History of linen (flax)

Flax is one of the oldest types of textiles in the world. It is a flax fiber product famous for its durability and longevity. In Egypt, flax clothing was worn 5,000 years BC. Flax is much stronger and glossy than cotton, it has anti-allergic properties, it is very hygroscopic, breathable and cool fabric.

During the Renaissance, flax was an attribute of luxury, and in ancient Greece flax clothes were a privilege for clergy.

Properties of linen (flax) fabric

Linen fabric is environmentally friendly. It is a product causing no harmful effect on the environment and no waste;

Flax fibers are very strong and non-stretchy, making linen fabrics wrinkled quickly. After each washing, the fabric softens and becomes less wrinkled;

Over the years, linen cloth is becoming increasingly softer;

Out of all types of fabric, flax offers the best microclimate for the skin – it is conductive to air and absorbs moisture perfectly. The flax fiber is quick to get moist and dry, therefore at night this fabric will warm up, and cool the body down on a hot day;

Linen fabrics are significantly ahead of cotton because they are at least three times stronger, five times more resistant to wear, and absorb moisture much better.

Care for linen (flax) fabric

It is best to Ireland a linen cloth when it is slightly damp, with hot iron, from the reverse side;

It is not recommended to dry linen products in direct sunlight;

It is recommended to iron linen products while still damp, with a hot steam iron. Iron the products on the reverse side of the fabric to protect the linen surface from becoming glossy. If the product is completely dry, it is recommended to moisten it with water before ironing. Flax is quick to get wrinkles, but is easy to iron. Linen-specific wrinkles are considered to be a sign of its authenticity and good quality. The highest ironing temperature is 200 °C;

Flax and other natural substances are always washed and additionally softened with greasy detergents. Choose special laundry detergents for linen, silk and wool. Lanolin-rich products are especially suitable.

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